July 23, 2006

Gained A Kilo

After some persistent requests from a few of us, CL decided to whip up a Vietnamese/Japanese meal for EK, LH, RW, me and CL's mum. It was both fortunate and unfortunate for us. Fortunate because we had good homecooked food. Unfortunate because of the amount of calories we added on ;-)

The spread that we had

Bottom left clockwise: Vietnamese roll with fish, Japanese chicken curry with udon,
Japanese cold toufu and green tea ice cream with mochi & red bean

My favourite was the ice cream with mochi (substituted with chinese tang yuan). What was also fun for the evening was the conversation that we had as girls... well I would say its the typical girly talk but it was relaxing for the soul :P We are all looking forward to CL demonstrating other culinary skills that she picked up from her culinary classes ;)

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