February 17, 2006

Happy Hormones

Thank God for endorphins - hormones that are released during exercise that gives one an 'exercise high' or 'runner's high'. These are the same hormones that are stimulated when you eat chocolates. Endorphins make one feel good and happy.

Felt so totally washed-out, brainless and stressed up yesterday. So drained that even a walk doesn't help. I made the right choice by hitting the gym to work out my muscles (but now I'm suffering from DOMS). Endorphins are released and I felt better.

Like it wasn't enough, I treated myself to my favourite yoghurt after my exercise. Yum... vanilla yoghurt mixed with frozen fruits... my all-time favourite would be with cherries, blueberries and strawberries (yup all the berry family).

It was the best combination when I ate my favourite yoghurt in my car, listening to Joi Chua's album, whilst my car is being washed at a manual car wash station. Somehow being in the car when the car is being washed is therapeutic for me.... well probably it has the same effect as driving in the rain (provided that it is not too heavy rain!!) It seemed like watching the rain (when I am in a dry indoor area) has a calming effect on me.

Go ahead and try the above method(s) to destress :) but I supposed it may work for some but not others.... Cheer up!! Grab those chocolates! Get your heart pumping! TGIF!! :))

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