January 21, 2006


One of the modules I studied in Varsity was about tumour and cancer cells. I recalled it being one of the modules that interests me a little more then. I learnt how normal cells in our body can be mutated, not function normally and replicate at a tremendously uncontrolled rate. When such occur, the cells are termed 'cancerous'. If you wish to know more, you may read up a simple explanation with some video illustration.

At the end of my long tiring day at work, I had to sit in a meeting with 10 other cancer specialist doctors (Oncologists). Although I studied Biochemistry (one subject in Medicine), I could hardly fully understand what they were talking about. I know that they were discussing the various treatment methods for their cancer patients. Some medical terms I understood and recognised but most I don't. Carcinoma, sacroma, RT, ressection, chemotherapy, names of chemotherapy drugs, CR, CT scans, MRI scans, nasopharenx, lymphoma, etc... I know these but those with longer alphabets and too clinical a term, they got be baffled.

Through the meeting I got to learn that the wife of someone whom I know via work, has a reoccurence of cancer. For a second, I searched through the database of my brains to ask if this was the same person that I know? And of course it was. I recalled how that someone I know also put up a strong fight with cancer but lost the battle in the end and God called him home. Now his wife's cancer has recurred... and with the many young children she has... how is she going to cope?

Images of the look on her face and her spirit to hang on, were brought out from my memory bank. I had met her once to pass her something a couple of years ago. I also remembered encouraging her to hang on and lean on Christ. If God were to take her home too, how's her young children gonna go on? I have ever wondered if I would be able to be so strong if I were her. Yes God's grace will sustain us but truly not easy still... It suddenly felt more personal and real. The p53 oncogene, T-cells and B-cells... yup I studied them all. I know I have forgotten most of what I studied. It was so academic then. But now, it became medical for me at the meeting and will it ever be personal for me? Of course I don't wish to have cancer but we all do know the high possible risk of people dying from cancer. It could be you one day... it could very well be me too....

It is easy to say God is in control and no doubt He is the almighty God of all the universe. But one day if crisis strikes at our doors, how do we stand before God? The lyrics of a song came to my mind.... when a few of my friends were talking about funerals, I did mention to get them sing and play this song at my funeral!

My Hope Rest Firm
My hope rest firm on Jesus Christ,
He is my only plea;
Though all the world should point and scorn,
His ransom leaves me free,
His ransom leaves me free

My hope sustains me as I strive
And strain towards the goal;
Though I still stumble into sin,
His death paid for it all,
His death paid for it all.

My hope provides me with a spur
to help me run this race:
I know my tears will turn to joy
The day I see His face,
The day I see His face

My hope is to be with my Lord,
To know as I am known:
To serve Him gladly all my days
In praise before His throne
In praise before His throne

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