January 2, 2006

The Last Few Moments of 2005

A Happy New Year to everyone!!

Had a tiring but enjoyable last 12 hours of 2005. Went out for lunch far at eastern island, went church to help pick up music logistics to be brought to Neptune Restaurant. (My church had a new year eve's dinner-cum-service. There were almost 140 tables, i.e. 1400 people having dinner together!!) After another moving stint from carpark to the restaurant, rested a short while before driving in the heavy downpour to west of the island for DG evaluation. But we ended up playing Risk since the attendance was poor. Then I drove back to the restaurant for music practice before everyone began to stream in. Had to get DG settled down on our 2 tables, since I was the one who coordinated the table arrangement. Whilst dinner began, I had to be 'video-woman' as personal favours to video some performances. When the service began proper at 11pm, I sang as a back-up as we had a singspiration session. By the time I got home, it was 1.30am and I slept at about 2am!!

The fun bit was the great fellowship with so many people in church, being entertained by the kung fu hustle dance, chicken little dance, etc. The main highlight of the evening were the fireworks that went off at the strike of 12am 2006! Fireworks went off at Esplanade Bay and from where we were, we had a great view! Its been some time I last saw fireworks. Here are some of the better shots I took :)

At the serivce, pastor spoke on "The Lord's Prayer" as we enter into new beginnings. (My physical body was so tired then that I could feel my body 'disintegrating' and eyelids were heavy. But thankfully I managed to try to stay focussed to listen) One thing struck me and that was about how we ought to pray about our daily bread and not about our retirement bread. (This wasn't a new illustration that pastor used. In fact, all his illustrations that night were old ones but they served to bring the points across) We can worry and plan that much about the future but truly, we do not even know nor can we gurantee if we could be back here at the New Year's Eve dinner on 31 Dec 2006. Isn't that true? Life is unpredictable and we can never know what will happen to us and if we would be back again next year! At least one thing I know I can be sure of: the hope that I have in Jesus Christ my Saviour and I shall persevere on to work at obeying Him and living a godly life pleasing to Him.

On hindsight, although I had spent the last 12 hours of 2005 helping and arranging stuff relating to the NYE dinner and service, fellowshipping with fellow brothers and sisters and eating :p this kinda summarised what I have been spending lots of time doing in the entire year of 2005 - 'being a 'kay poh' in church, fellowship and eat! I thank God that by His grace, I am able to be of use and help in areas that I can, be it music ministry, bible study leading, praying for people, being there for people, coordinating weddings, etc. How did I do them? All to God's glory and only by His grace. But in this new year, one of the things I hope to do is to have deeper fellowship with some people and also to eat lesser and healthier ;)

To sum up, I am utterly thankful to God for giving me another year of life and whatever had happened. And yes I do welcome the new year with some anticipation of what God's special plan for me is :)

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